Faculty Information

Welcome to the myACCESS Faculty Portal. You can use this portal to:

  • View accommodations for which your student(s) are eligible
  • Tell us about your upcoming mid-terms, tests or quizzes
  • Submit exam materials online via our secure portal

Please select the courses link in the menu above to get started. You will be asked to login to our secure portal using your UVM netID and password.

Helpful Links for Faculty

  • FAQs

  • How To's, including information about accommodation letters and requesting a Note Taker for your course.

  • If a student in your course has an accommodation for Peer Note Taker you will be notified by automated email when the student requests this accommodation. At that time, please follow the steps listed in that email to request a note taker. Please visit our website for more information on the Note Taking Program.

  • To caption a video, submit this captioning form.

  • For accessible course material support, please visit the Center for Teaching & Learning, or send an email to ctl@uvm.edu.

  • If more than one instructor (or Course Coordinator, TA, etc.) should have access to accommmodation letters and/or test booking information via the myACCESS Faculty Portal, please email myaccess@uvm.edu and specify the course/section(s) and who should be grated access. Please note, this does not change who will receive email notifications -- these will still only be sent the the first listed instructor.